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Natural Wood

Regency Innovations provides 9 unique natural wood choices in order to fully customize the look and feel of your next cabinet.

Generally, natural wood is classified as the strongest and most durable wood choice

White Oak:

  • Is excellent for cabinetry since it is versatile and easy to work with.
  • White Oak has exceptional longevity due to its rot-resistance as it is commonly used in boat building.
  • Known in the industry for its remarkable strength.
  • Has a grain that visually appears rugged and coarse yet feels smooth to the touch
  • Has an olive colour naturally.
  • Since it’s ring-porous White Oak responds wonderfully to all types of stains.

Red Oak:

  • Has a jagged and rough grain with large pores that give Red Oak it’s trademark appearance; has a reddish colour naturally.
  • Responds well with all types of stains and finishes to ensure a perfect end result every time.
  • Red Oak is known for being affordable, strong, and durable providing excellent value; most experienced woodworkers would recommend Red Oak wood for many interior uses.


  • Walnut has a straight grain with slight imperfections and a minor level of roughness; very smooth physical feel.
  • Working with walnut is a painless experience, thus staining and finishing is rarely a problem, yet it is common not to stain walnut.
  • Walnut is very durable and has exceptional longevity
  • Varies in colour from dark chocolate to light brown, commonly showing dark streaks.


  • Known for hardness and ability to absorb shocks due to it’s stiff closed pores.
  • Has a very fine grain that tends to flow straight and uniform; Maple is popular for it’s simple yet graceful appearance.
  • Not as susceptible to stain compared to many other wood choices due to it’s unusually small pores.
  • Maple has an off-white creamish colour, commonly exhibiting a red or yellow tint in it’s natural form.
  • Popular for being an economical choice of wood that provides exceptional quality and strength.


  • Naturally exhibits a dark red to brownish colour that darkens over time.
  • Grain can be straight, wavy, or uneven often showing signs of ripples, ribbons, and marks giving an exotic and rugged look.
  • Density of wood largely determines durability, often being of high stature.
  • Known as a strong and high quality wood, imported from plantations all over the world.
  • Staining and finishing Mahogany is very easy and consistently looks beautiful in all types of homes.

Knotty Alder:

  • Has a vintage colour of tan to reddish brown, as it ages the colours darken giving the wood a more sophisticated look.
  • Provides a rustic and classic look to your cabinet due to various imperfections throughout.
  • Knotty Alder is exceptionally soft, displaying a very smooth look and feel.
  • Very straight grain with a neat and uniform texture.
  • Extremely easy to work with and stains and finishes amazingly due to it’s soft nature.


  • More expensive than Knotty Alder
  • Very straight grain with a neat and uniform texture.
  • Has a vintage colour of tan to reddish brown, as it ages the colours darken giving the wood a more sophisticated look.
  • Much less rustic than Knotty Alder; appears much quieter with less imperfections throughout.
  • Alder is exceptionally soft giving it a subdued, quiet appearance.


  • Appears light to medium brown in colour commonly exhibiting a light yellow hue.
  • Hickory exhibits a straight grain, occasionally becoming wavy; has a  medium texture.
  • Finishes and stains very well, beautifully giving it a classic look.
  • Considered among the hardest and strongest woods found in North America, it is widely used where shock resistance is necessary.


  • Naturally a light pinkish brown turning into a deeper golden brown over time. Cherry has various marks and imperfections throughout which give it a natural look.
  • A moderately durable wood whose pores are very tightly packed together
  • Displays a straight to wavy grain that is very fine in texture
  • Can possibly appear discolored in spots when being stained due to it’s fine, closed grain

White Oak, Red Oak, Walnut, Maple, Knotty Alder, Alder, Hickory, and Cherry are environmentally friendly as they are not listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species or in the CITES appendices.


Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is a versatile alternative to natural wood that solves many of the problems that commonly arise with certain choices. Engineered wood is made by binding particles of wood products together using adhesives, allowing waste that is created while cutting natural wood to be reused. This is an environmentally friendly process that can save millions of trees a year, and ensure a declining resource is utilized to it’s maximum potential. Engineered wood rarely expands or shrinks throughout the seasons as humidity changes, contrasting how natural wood constantly conforms to the conditions around it. Engineered wood does an exceptional job of mimicking the subtleties in grain and texture of natural wood, and thus should be a serious consideration for use in your next Regency cabinet.