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What are the Different Types of Cabinet Doors?

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Whether you prefer tradition, contemporary, or minimalist kitchens, the design of the cabinet door plays an important—often overlooked—role in the space. In this blog, we explain the four most common cabinet door families: slab, shaker, recessed, and raised.


Slab doors are the most basic design with no routering in the face of the door. This style has risen in popularity over the last several years, especially with the minimalist trend taking over the architectural industry. The most common material for slab doors is flat white melamine or high gloss white, often with a contrasting-coloured edge tape.


Almost as basic as the slab door is the shaker, which has a simple square routering in the face of the door. This design is timeless and versatile, providing depth and dimension to the kitchen while maintaining an essence of simplicity. Homeowners with these doors are comfortable knowing their kitchen will withstand the constant changes in urban design trends.


Recessed doors, like shaker doors, include a square routering in the face of the doors. However, the cut-plan for these doors is slightly more complex. This style works best for those who appreciate the shape of a shaker door but are looking for a more novel and elaborate kitchen façade.


The raised door is the counterpart to the recessed door with a routering profile around the face, offering the appearance of the center panel projecting outwards. These doors are typically used for traditional kitchens with natural wood. The stain preferences on these types of natural wood doors varies depending on the homeowner’s preference, but brown and grey are quite popular.

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