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Get Started

A little confused how to start your project? Don’t worry! With just a few simple steps we can get to work designing your dream Closets, Doors, Cabinets, Millwork & Vanities.


Let's get your dimensions

If you have the original architectural drawings for your space, that’s great! Our designers can get started drawing your project with that information alone. 

If those drawings are unavailable, don’t fret! You can choose to measure your space yourself or have one of our installers come in.

How to measure your space

Find the dimensions of your space from wall to wall, keeping in mind to take note of features like appliances and windows along the wall.

Choose your cabinet door style

Have a look at our product selection to find the door right for you. Make sure to include wood species for natural wood doors and paint, stain, and finish options for MDF (excluding thermofoil) and natural wood doors in your selection. 

Choose your accessories

Complete your project with cabinet hardware that speaks to your sense of style. Browse through our supplier’s websites and let us know if anything stands out. We can modify your project to ensure compatibility with whatever accessory you desire. 

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And finally...

Compile your selected door material and style and cabinet hardware alongside one of the following: an original architectural drawing for your space, a completed Regency measurement form, or a request for an in-person visit from a Regency installer to measure your space. 

Our team will contact you immediately with any further questions we may have before getting a design for your space made up, rendered, and sent back to you for approval.