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Modern Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

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Kitchen Cabinet Edmonton

In 2021, new long-lasting trends emerged in the kitchen cabinet industry. The upcoming year will both expand on evolving kitchen trends and establish new ones. We have compiled a list of several kitchen design trends that will dominate 2022. 

Handleless Kitchens

Over the last few years, we have seen the industry progressively dissociate from using the formerly popular large, rectangular handles. Handleless kitchens have surfaced as a rising staple in kitchen cabinetry, which lead to this look being used more frequently over the last eighteen months. We expect this trend to carry strongly into 2022. 

Matte Finishes

High gloss cabinet doors have been both a favourite amongst our customers and a best selling product for years. However, homeowners are beginning to select matte finished doors over the gloss alternatives. Still, two-tone kitchens with some combination of these options, such as high gloss upper cabinet doors and matte base cabinet doors and drawers, are quite popular. We encourage our customers to choose the kitchen cabinetry that best appeals to them, and with high gloss still being desirable in various demographics, it remains an excellent choice. 

More Unique Colour Palette

Homeowners across Canada embraced colourful kitchen layouts in 2021, stepping away from more traditional colours, such as white and brown. Several of our projects used indigo blue stains on natural wood, which creates a modern classic appearance. These blue designs paired exceptionally well with gold handles, and looked even better in a two-tone composition with painted white wood doors. In 2022, we expect this trend to include other creative colours, such as olive green, sand, and neutral greys.

Environmentally Conscious Selections

More than ever, consumers are making responsible choices for their cabinet construction. Regency supports these diligent individuals by offering products from recycled materials, such as MDF and melamine. Not only are these products durable and premium, they are quite popular: melamine rapidly became our best-selling door type this past year. Thus, we anticipate that these recycled options will continue to increase in popularity in 2022. 

Many customers still appreciate the craftsmanship behind our wood doors. With our automated manufacturing process minimizing material wastage, these individuals know they are making an environmentally friendly selection.