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The Different Types of Cabinets

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There are several different types of cabinets that our customers chose when buying kitchen cabinets from our location in Edmonton. Some cabinets are designed specifically for certain rooms, while other cabinets have a more universal function. In this blog, we will outline several of the key cabinet types.


Starting off with one of the more general cabinet types, an upper cabinet describes any box fixed relatively high up along a wall. Upper cabinets may have doors or an open box design where the shelves are directly exposed. These cabinets can be found anywhere in the house.


Another general cabinet type is the base cabinet, which is any simple box fixed closer to the ground. These cabinets can include doors, shelves, and drawers in various combinations, and can be found in several areas throughout the home.


A vanity is a more specific term used to describe a base cabinet in a washroom. While vanities typically have no internal fixtures to allow for access to the plumbing units, Regency is able to manufacture more lucrative designs featuring drawers and shelves.

Lazy Suzan

A Lazy Susan is a corner cabinet with an L-shape, allowing for efficient use of the limited storage space in corner areas. Lazy Susan’s can be either upper or base cabinets, and they are commonly found in an office or kitchen.


A pantry describes a tall cabinet that covers a large length on the wall in which it is fixed. There is a wide range in the configurations of pantry’s, such as the location of the open shelving, drawers, and doors.