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Best Custom Kitchen Cabinets

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Best Custom Kitchen Cabinets | Edmonton | Closets | Wood | Millwork

Are you someone that has a passion for doing things yourself and working with your hands? Do you pride yourself upon saving money, but are still looking for the best custom kitchen cabinets? With modular kitchen cabinets, closets, and vanities from Regency Innovations, you can take control of assembling and installing your home’s modular Regency cabinetry.

Work with our expert team of designers and salespersons to craft the perfect cabinetry and millwork for your kitchen, bathroom, walk-in closet, mudroom, fireplace, and more. After sending dimensions through our interactive web tool to Regency Innovations or simply booking a free initial consultation through call or email, we can prepare a preliminary design and quote based on the characteristics of your living space.

Next, we work collaboratively with you and your family to fine-tune the structure and material of your Regency cabinetry before finally beginning the production.

Best kitchen cabinets in Edmonton

Our cabinet, closet, and vanity parts are milled from 5/8” melamine sheets of your choice with state-of-the-art CNC machinery in our 30,000+ square foot factory space located here in south Edmonton. Since we source our raw wood materials from Western Canadian suppliers, you can be proud of your contributions to the local Alberta economy when purchasing modular Regency cabinetry.

The automated AutoCAD software that powers Regency Innovations automatically creates dowel, screw, and shelving holes in cabinet parts, providing an intuitive platform to work upon when assembling modular cabinets, closets, and vanities.

Feel free to reach out to Regency Innovations for assistance and support when assembling and installing your modular cabinetry with provided dowels, screws, and cabinet hardware. If you ever run into any difficulties, Regency will be happy to send an experienced installer to complete the assembly and installation of your modular cabinetry.

If modular custom cabinetry seems a bit intimidating, Regency still offers full measurement, assembly, and installation services for all of our cabinet products. At the end of the day, we aim to provide the best kitchen cabinets in Edmonton, regardless of the circumstances.