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What To Consider Before Replacing Your Doors And Windows

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Kitchen Cabinet Edmonton

With any renovation, making increasingly drastic changes will dramatically raise the cost of your project. While it’s often ideal to completely redo your kitchen, including the demolition and replacement of flooring, cabinet boxes, backsplash, and cabinet doors and gables, the significant cost involved in the ordering and installing custom cabinetry leaves such projects out of reach. 

Thankfully, Regency Innovations offers the option to only replace your cabinet doors and gables, revitalizing your living space while saving thousands. Whenever replacing or resurfacing cabinet doors and gables it is important to keep a few details in mind. First of all, be sure that your existing cabinetry is still structurally sound. Ensure that factors like mold and rotting will not cause major issues in the coming years. 

If your cabinet boxes are suitable for continued use, ordering new doors is super simple. You can arrange a site visit from a certified Regency measurer or simply bring in your old doors. From here, it is important to decide what will happen with the rest of the space. Will flooring and backsplash also change? How about wall paint? Keeping the colour and design patterns of the surroundings, will inform the material and finish choices you make alongside Regency’s designers

We are proud to offer one of the most extensive collections of domestically produced cabinet doors across Canada. We specialize in 5-piece, flat panel, and milled natural wood species and MDF doors. These options can be finished with PVC Thermofoil press, painting, or staining.

If you already have a beautiful and timeless set of 5-piece natural wood doors that are simply suffering from the effects of age, we can also sand and refinish these products. This option greatly reduces landfill waste and takes advantage of the timelessness of natural wood. 

When deciding upon the design and aesthetic of your space you should also think about cabinetry hardware. Take a look at your existing hinges, handles, and screws to ensure they aren’t suffering from the effects of age.

While minor rusting can likely be cleaned up, more major structural damage will necessitate brand new metal hardware from Regency’s suppliers. Of course, our designers will work closely with you to ensure that your hardware in keeping with the latest trends and compatible with the rest of your space.