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Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen Island

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If you’re dreaming of Best Modern Kitchen Trends 2021 keep popping up in your head, we don’t blame you. The way we see it, the kitchen island is the real MVP of the home. From cooking prep to casual dining to storage, these workhorses do it all – and add an architectural focal point.

Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen Island come in various designs and sizes, so there’s a fit for every type of space, whether it’s a farmhouse kitchen or a modern one. For a kitchen lacking a lot of square footage, you can opt for a rolling kitchen island or small kitchen islands—these can add additional surface and storage space without taking up more precious space. For bigger rooms, you can opt for a kitchen island with seating to make it a multipurpose space and add another spot to dine. Plus, in open-concept spaces where the kitchen overlooks a living room or dining room, a kitchen island can serve as a subtle space separator that marks where one area of the room ends and another begins.

Small improvements can make a huge impact when updating your kitchen so whether you’re looking to add a new island or updating an existing one, you’ll want to make sure that your island functions for your lifestyle while keeping design in mind. 


We’ve listed below five popular kitchen island updates you should consider when planning your custom kitchen island.


Some kitchens lack surface space to prep and dice food, keep ingredients within reach, and plate dishes—all at the same time. A large kitchen island without a sink or cooktop built-in provides tons of extra counter space, making it easy to do all of the above and more.


Pro tip: Consider making that extra counter space contrast your regular counters by choosing a material that pops! For example, if your counters are a basic colour, choose an exotic marbled granite, or a complimentary but contrasting colour for your island.


Whether you’re chatting with your kids after school or cooking for a crowd, a island kitchen design with extra seating inspires quality hangout time. Adding seats to your kitchen island makes for a great place to hang out and enjoy your meals, and the less formal setting is perfect for eating a quick bite, doing homework, or hosting guests comfortable with the option to sit or stand. 


Pro tip: Design your island so that the seating can fit underneath. This allows you to tuck the seats away when you aren’t using them so that they don’t clutter up your floor space.


Kitchens are full of hidden storage potential — even more so with a kitchen island. Having an island can create opportunities for creating hidden storage for garbage disposal, dishwashers, and other bulky appliances. This way you can keep the functionality of your kitchen and even improve upon the flow of it. If your kitchen is smaller, consider an island on wheels as a great way to add additional countertop space and storage that is easy to move out of the way if needed.


Pro tip: If you have some beautiful dishes or unique kitchen items, consider using open shelving on the island to showcase them.


Depending on the size of the kitchen and the desired workflow for users, kitchen islands can have a varying number of appliances, including a sink, microwave, dishwasher, or even a stove. They are also great for integrating more appliances such as ovens, warming drawers and bar fridges, which are not always included in the kitchen due to lack of space. If you’re thinking about including a hob or sink in your island, or planning on using the kitchen island for the majority of your food preparation, consider adding a level that is worktop height for optimum ergonomics.


Pro tip: Consider adding a unique kitchen island appliance, like an espresso machine, a wine cooler, or sub-zero refrigerator drawers.


Don’t forget the ceiling! Reach new heights with suspended ceiling bars. Add a contemporary or industrial twist to your home with metal rods like copper or steel. Pots, utensils and dishcloths can hang high up and out of the way of a busy home kitchen, adding a distinctive aesthetic appeal.


Pro tip: lighting is one of the primary ways in which a kitchen island design can set itself apart aesthetically, if you have a large kitchen island with seating and storage, consider incorporating accent lights such as pendant lights or other statement lighting pieces above your island.


Your kitchen island is home to so much hidden design potential. Using these design ideas and integrating your own personal style will make your island the hub of your kitchen. 

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